Magia Naturalis: User’s Guide

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Magia Naturalis: User’s Guide

Magia Naturalis is the new library of the New Athanor: Boyan Manchev’s experimental laboratory for philosophical fantastic.

Magia Naturalis mobilises the hypothetical core of the philosophy of the (future) nature, crossing it with the anachronistic history of the idea of creating nature.

Magia Naturalis expands the reflexive and experimental field of MAGIA NATURALIS, Phase 1, the eponymous exhibition conceived and organised by Boyan Manchev and Vesselina Sarieva with the participation of Bignia Wherli, Marta Djourina and L.

Front: Beginning

This blog is an experimental philosophical laboratory of Boyan Manchev.

It consists of four autonomous libraries-workshops:





Each of the libraries-workshops can be read as a stand-alone blog. The libraries are available in three different languages ​​(English, Bulgarian, and French), and the different language versions are not identical.

The New Athanor: User’s Guide

The New Athanor is a laboratory of the Philosophical Fantastic. It is a methodological experiment where the philosophical quest engages in a shared adventure of concepts, theories and hypotheses from the domain of modern science, while at the same time mobilizes the latent potential of mythological and fantastic figures.
The stake of the Philosophical Fantastic’s laboratory is a prolegomenary one. It deals with imagining the horizon of a forthcoming philosophy of nature.

The Return of Pan: User’s Guide

If during the reign of Emperor Tiberius superstitious sailors spread throughout the empire the rumor that the Great God Pan was dead, and if this rumor was furthermore found to be an unconditional truth for two millennia, today the Great God Pan shuts the mouths of liars by his own hand. Today Pan returns.