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Dark poem

Тъмна поема - корица

Text: Boyan Manchev
Photography: Boryana Pandova
With: Leonid Yovchev and Boyan Manchev
Graphic design: Boyan Manchev, Boryana Pandova and eMetheor
Typeface: Quasimoda by lettersoup, courtesy of Botio Nikoltchev

Boyan Manchev’s "theatrical philosophical poem" Dark Poem includes the second part of the text of Metheor’s performance Hijikata and His Double.

The text is organically related to photographs by Boryana Pandova, the result of experimental work on staged actions and situations with the participation of Leonid Yovchev and Boyan Manchev.

Тъмна поема - корица

The work on Dark Poem was inspired by Butoh-fu [舞踏譜], an experimental form of notation invented by Tatsumi Hijikata, as well as by Eikoh Hosoe’s photographic series Kamaitachi, with the participation of Tatsumi Hijikata (1969).

Dark Poem was presented for the first time in the frame of the Sofia premiere of Hijikata and his Double on 30 October 2019 at the Culture Centre of Sofia University and on 31 October 2019 at the Cinema House. Both works were also presented at the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts (EAA), the University of Tokyo on 1 December 2019.

Тъмна поема - корица

Dark Poem is published in the frame of METHEOR‘s work in progress Hijikata and his Double. Hijikata and his Double is part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture, Focus: Japanese Culture Programme, implemented in partnership with the EU-Japan Fest Foundation. The project received additional support by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Тъмна поема - корица


I am Tatsumi Hijikata

I am Tatsumi Hijikata

I come from the North

Stemmed from the mud of Tohoku

Born of mud

Under the flood of ash

White bear

Rice field demon

I stand before you

my baby-warriors, to put forth my words to you

We need to build the bodies anew

Babies of the North have their legs bound together and their heads droop

Our sisters are sold in brothels

while they speak like divine visions

pale chrysanthemums over a lake of clots

We need soldiers

Тъмна поема - корица