The time of the subject


The time of the subject

The point, at which time touches upon the storm: this is the space of the subject, of its surge-metamorphosis-persistence. The point, at which time touches upon time.

Time is the time of the subject. The subject emerges only in the hiatus of Cronos. The subject is not a cronid. The subject is a chaoid – or an erotoid. Heterochrony that designates the cosmic rhythm of Heraclitues is its temporality. A subject means the following: pro-leaf-eration of time, transformation of the time mechаnic into a complex organic that exceeds itself, a thermodynamic arrow that expresses the irreversible elasticity of chaos.

The subject is a super-machine that produces complex time. The subject is the technique, with which complex time arrives into the world. The cloud, the galaxies, the gases – the subject is all of these. A/the subject knows them as a subject. The forces reinforce themselves even when they annihilate one another. The thinking reed cannot obliterate the thought of fire. 

The subject is a dynamic system. A meteoro-logical system. The logic of the subject is the logic of meteors.

Not a thinking reed bent by the wind, but: a thinking wind, a thinking storm, the thinking hair of sand, thinking sedimеntations and stratifications of the earth, of minerals, of forms, of chromosomes, of the reed’s luxuriance and of this bundle of reeds, here at the lake shore; a force that thinks. Thinking climate. Thus, the cloud, the storm, the rain, the sun-blaze flow along our bloodstream, spurring our fibres into a vortex. We spurt climate and whirls, we are nothing but vortices and (thermo)dynamic processes, ourselves. We fume. We measure and slash time. We grow.

Excerpt from Boyan Manchev, The New Athanor. Prolegomena to Philosophical Fantastic (Sofia: Metheor, 2019/2020), Book V: Chaos Unbound, p. 236-237.