Hollins Dance: Under the Ardent Star


Hollins Dance: Under the Ardent Star

For seven years now, I am teaching for three weeks during the summer sessions of Dance M.F.A. program of Hollins University, taking place in Frankfurt and Berlin. These are the days of summer heat under the sign of Sirius, days, in which I was usually, or unusually, experiencing freedom in another realm. That is why, at the beginning it was an unusual experience indeed, which, in few sessions only, started becoming more and more natural, though in an extraordinary way. I realised that it had to happen in these glowing days of summer. It had to happen in the days when experience of freedom seems to know no boundaries, when imagination is enflamed, when thought is ready to drift. When bodies discover what is beyond their limits. When art starts to be something more than cultural practice limited in time and space. When knowledge rediscovers its origin as force within nature, along with nature. When the possibility grows, and the will to a better world with it. When the Arduous Star becomes an Ardent Star.

And the miracle happened, a miracle that repeats. For seven years I continue to encounter curiosity and wisdom, courage and determination, audacity in experimentation and will to face a world in turmoil, to imagine its better future.

Thank you all, dear Hollins students and colleagues, dozens of incomparable Hollins friends, for making me persist in the belief of a better future for art, creation and philosophy.

The trace of our world will grow. It will persist. 


31 July 2020


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