Freedom in Spite of Everything


Freedom in Spite of Everything

Boyan Manchev


Vol. I: Surcritique and Modal Ontology

What is freedom? Is freedom a condition of existence itself, or, on the contrary, is it only its utopian horizon? If freedom is a condition of existence, then can we know it at all, and if yes, how?

What is freedom in the philosophical sense? Must a philosophy of existence, or an ontology, start with the idea of freedom? Is an ontology other than that driven by the idea of freedom, possible?

Based on a surcritical reading of the Critique of Pure Reason focused on the paradox of freedom in Immanuel Kant, Boyan Manchev asserts the idea of freedom as an ontological condition of existence and, at the same time, as a necessary modality of the philosophical act.

The first volume of Freedom in Spite of Everything, Surcritique and Modal Ontology, examines the hypothetical modal foundations of transcendental philosophy, seeking to mobilize them surcritically towards an ontology of the necessary world, thereby opening up the horizon of the second volume of the book.

Freedom in Spite of Everything is the most elaborate expression to date of Manchev’s project for a modal ontology of existence, developed over the past two decades.

Translated by Katerina Popova