“Roadtrip to Hell”, photography: Svoboda Tsekova

The premiere of Meteor. Selected Texts for Theatre took place on 16 February 2018 at the House of Cinema, Sofia, in partnership with the Goethe-institut Bulgaria.

The book was presented by Ani Vaseva – director and author of the texts, Boyan Manchev – philosopher, playwright and co-author and Dirk Cieslak – director and Theatre activist, founder of Vierte Welt, iconic space for artistic and critical practices, Berlin, Germany. With the participation of Leonid Yovchev, Galya Kostadinova and students from Ani Vaseva and Leonid Yovchev’s class, Theatre College Liuben Groys.

The book premiere was the culmination of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Metheor – the group that started functioning with the collaboration of the two authors of the piece Svidrigailov precisely 10 years ago. In the last decade, Ani Vaseva has made 13 performances with Metheor, nine of which based on Vaseva and Manchev’s texts, and three in co-authorship. Six of the performances are still being performed today; in all of them the third central member of Metheor Leonid Yovchev is taking part. The events of the 10th anniversary celebration are united in an intensive program, including a Theatre marathon of the current performances, meetings and conversations with guests from abroad.

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Meteor. Selected Texts for Theatre

The book Meteor. Selected Texts for Theatre presents Ani Vaseva and Boyan Manchev’s texts, related to their joint theatrical work within Metheor – a group of artistic accomplices who work with theatrical, visual and experimental theoretical forms, developing their radical poetics. Together with the actor Leonid Yovchev, who participated in most of the stagings of the texts included in the book, the authors are the driving force of Metheor.

The book collects all the texts of Metheor’s performances written by Vaseva and Manchev, among which A Dying PlaySickFrankensteinPhaeton: MiscreantsA Play for YouLovеcraftRoadtrip to Hell. The book also includes two not staged texts, The Stone and Bacchae, as well as Miscreants: A Manifesto for a Non-human Theatre. The three thematic nuclei – The New BodyMiscreants and The Irreparable, around which the texts are organised, correspond to the passions in which Metheor persists over the last decade: imagining of new, unimaginable (artistic, political, existential) techniques; from there – the metamorphosis of the body and the subject, the formless figure of the monster – a disturbing but exciting form of life with inhuman sex-appeal, the (ir)reversibility of time.

About Metheor

Metheor is a group of artistic accomplices who work with stage, visual and textual artistic and critical forms, consistently building their radical poetics. The central figures of Metheor during its ten-year history include Ani Vaseva (author, director, theorist, costume designer and stage designer), Boyan Manchev (author, playwright, theoretician) and Leonid Yovchev (actor, co-author). Metheor’s projects are determined by the group and interpreters of its work as “Theatre of disorganization”, “non-human Theatre” and “Theatre oratorio” and are based on a “strong idea” of ​​Theatre. Each Metheor performance strives to invent a unique form based on experimental work on the text and productive critical use of theatrical techniques, leading to elaboration of system of counter-techniques.